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0.5W UHF

• 80 UHF Channels: Allows you to choose from up to 80 frequencies for communication.
• Mini Compact Size: Small enough to fit anywhere. 138mm (H) x 50mm (W) x 30mm (D)
• D+Booster (Extreme Distance Booster): Uses precision matched antennas to deliver superior range and enhance battery efficiencies compared to standard UHF systems.
• Range Extender (Duplex) Capability: Allows the radio to operate via a local repeater station, if available, which re-transmits your signal over a wider area. Up to an extra 30 – 100km depending on location, height and availability of local repeater station.
• LCD Display: Liquid Crystal Display.
• Auto Battery Save: Allows the UH35 to automatically save and conserve power when not in use and in standby mode.
• Channel Scan: Scans all channels and locks on any active channel.
• Battery Level Indicator: Allows you to see the level of power left in the UH35 batteries.
• 500mW RF Output Power: Maximum transmit power.
• Auto Squelch: Automatically blocks the unwanted low level hissing noise allowing only strong incoming signals.
• Monitor: Allows the user to listen to weak signals normally muted by the automatic squelch circuit.
• Belt Clips Included

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